What if having work life balance meant creating your ideal life without giving up what matters most;

Yourself, Your Family and Your Time


You can begin by changing your mindset and transforming the way you think about your roles at work and home 




I am Dr. Lisa Herbert, a mother, wife, family physician, certified personal and executive coach. As the Founder and CEO of Just The Right Balance LLC,  my personal and professional journey bring real life experiences to my coaching as I have tackled work-life balance, career transition, experienced the challenges of working moms and physicians.


You're not alone. I was in your shoes. I experienced first-hand the demands of a busy career, balancing work and family and trying to reconnect with my passions. I thought I needed to try to do it all; have a career, raise my kids, give back to my community and be available for every request. My to do list kept growing and growing and my time for self-care kept getting smaller. Eventually burnout set in and I realized that I needed to make a change. I forgot to ask for help, forgot to check in with myself and forgot to hold others responsible for their own behaviors. Trying to do it all was no longer feasible.


I fought burnout with what I call the 4 R's


I Reclaimed what I lost, my time

I Recharged my battery and became energized

I Renewed my commitment to make me a priority

I Restored my relationship with family and friends


I took my life back and I want to help you do the same. Together, I will work with you to overcome the roadblocks and obstacles preventing you from reaching the fulfilled life and work you desire.

It’s time to make a change



I will help  you discover how to:


Reclaim your time

Create boundaries so you can focus on your priorities

Prioritize what matters most and develop a self-care routine

Discover how to take care of your mind, body and spirit without taking away from your family


Recharge your health

          Develop a routine exercise program

         Develop healthy eating habits that energize you


Renew your passion for life and your career

Remove the obstacles standing in your way

Explore other passions that you have put off in the past

Fall in love with your work again


Restore your Relationships

Spend more time with your spouse and children

Become involved in your community

Discover how to continue to give to others without resentment or anger

Five things about me that might surprise you:


  • I love the arts: To achieve balance, I love to dance, take yoga classes and attend dance theatre performances in the city. For the past 10 years I have taken classes in African Dance and Modern Dance and attended performances of Alvin Ailey and Dance Theatre of Harlem.

  • Favorite Food: My favorite food is chicken parmigiana.

  • Favorite Hobbies:  I love to travel and enjoy reading books in my spare time.

  • My biggest challenge: Writing a book. Growing up I always loved to tell stories and was told in college that I should explore writing but never stepped up to the challenge. Now that passion has been reignited and my next goal is to write a book.

  • What I am passionate about: Teaching. As a 6th grader, I was chosen as a tutor for a young girl who was struggling with her grades. After tutoring her for 6 months, the student received top honors in her class. This was the catalyst for a life long passion of teaching.



If you are ready for a change, let's work together to build your dream lifestyle so that you can restore the passion for your career, have quality time with family and have an amazing  life you desire.


Just The Right Balance, LLC

Creating Balanced Lives, One Heartbeat at a Time


Just The Right Balance