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Ready to claim your seat at the leadership table and be the respected voice in healthcare ?

Then join my community.

Physicians Rising Up Leadership Circle is where physicians can learn the crucial skills they need to step up and lead and make positive changes in their own life and community.

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Physician Leadership is in High Demand!

Let's be honest, the current climate is very unpredictable and doctors are no strangers to these feelings of uncertainty.

Many of you are probably starting to think about your next career moveā —I know the feeling, I used to be right where you are.

After my first leadership role, managing six health centers as the Medical Director of a family planning agency, I practiced medicine for 20 years before suffering from burnout.

Like many of you know, I realized it was time to step into leadership and make a difference. I decided to transition  where I could use my leadership skills and years of experience as a physician to bring about change and thrive again.

Now, successfully on the other side, as a physician and certified executive leadership coach, I provide training and support for physicians who want to feel confident in their ability to lead and be the respected voice in healthcare.

Now more than ever the medical field needs new leadership with a fresh perspective from people like you who have been on the front lines.

Are you ready to claim your rightful seat !


Join the Physicians Rising Up Leadership Circle and position yourself for the next leadership level.


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Joining the Circle will help you...

  • Find your voice as a woman physician leader in a male-dominated and non physician C-Suite.
  • Learn the communication skills and tools you need to safeguard your career. 
  • Lead your team with confidence and influence change.
  • Connect with other like-minded women physicians.
  • Learn basic Financial business acumen 

Benefits of Joining the Circle 

  • Access to monthly live roundtable masterclass level discussions that support you as a woman physician leader
  • Five individual 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Articles and videos to help with your personal and professional growth
  • Discounts to future events
  • Copy of Physicians Rise Up E-Book
  • Leadership EQI 2.0 Assessment and Debrief
  • Priority access to register for the  upcoming Physicians Rising Up Leadership Academy


Hear what my clients are saying...

AC, Medical Director

I am no longer a passive participant with a role. In helping myself, I am now an active participant, helping to lift the morale of my team and creating change.

JG, Physician Leader

 I feel like the coach was a very good listener, who allowed me to problem solve/process things verbally. I was actually surprised by the quality of the 'active listening'.    

JS, Division Chief of ER Dept.

I reached out and asked for your help and you were critical in helping me make the decision to step into this role. You held my hand and helped me through it. 

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This Circle is Limited to the First 25 Members

To keep this community intimate and engaging, I am limiting the circle to 25 women physicians who are ready to level up their leadership skills. 

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