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Women Physicians Lead

Women Physicians Lead

Hosted by: Lisa Herbert

Today women represent more than 50% of the medical school class, yet only hold 20% of the positions in the C-suite. My own journey with leadership was by trial and error. I wanted to represent the 20% but quickly...


Laying The Foundation: Developing a Leadership Mindset

Season #1 Episode #12

My guest, Dr. Carol A. Penn, DO, MA, ABOM, FACOFP doubly Board Certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine and being a Master movement, meditation, and mindset coach bring more than 40 years of experience and...
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Laying The Foundation: Securing Your Legacy

Season #1 Episode #11

In this episode, I sat down and talked with Dr. Kelly King, OB-GYN and multi-passionate entrepreneur on the importance of securing your legacy. She has worked as an OB/GYN for over 20 years and is currently an OB/GYN...
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Laying The Foundation: The 5 Ps of Leadership

Season #1 Episode #10

This episode on the 5 Ps of Leadership was inspired by my time spent as a young medical student with Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston. I worked under her as a student summer intern at the NIH when she was the Assistant...
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Laying The Foundation Trailer

Season #1

In this series, Laying The Foundation, we are talking about what we need to do to be ready for the call to lead. We have to do the prep work, reflect, plan and then execute.  First, we’ll talk about The 5 Ps of...
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Closing The Gender Gap: Men Supporting Women in the Workplace

Episode #9

My guests Dr. Ken Richmond and Dr. Jarret Patton will discuss the topic of closing the gender gap in the workplace, utilizing men as allies.  Dr. Ken Richmond is a board-certified psychiatrist, leadership and...
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Dr. Denise Johnson Miller: A Surgeon's Mission To Help Prepare the Next Generation of Female Leaders

Episode #8

Denise L. Johnson Miller, M.D., FACS, is a board-certified general surgeon and is fellowship-trained in surgical oncology. She is currently Medical Director, Breast Surgery at Hackensack Meridian Health Cancer Care of...
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Dr. Nicole Rochester: Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Leadership

Episode #7

My guest Dr. Nicole T. Rochester is a board-certified pediatrician, professional health advocate, TEDx, and keynote speaker, and the CEO of Your GPS Doc, LLC, an innovative company that helps aging individuals, those...
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Dr. Richina Bicette: Fighting The Good Fight as a Physician Leader

Episode #6

My guest, Dr. Richina Bicette, as known as Dr. Richi,  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). She is originally from South Florida but completed her...
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Dr. Paula Walker-King: Work-Life Integration for Women Physician Leaders

During our Rise Up & Lead Telesummit, I had the chance to talk with Dr. Paula Walker-King, Board Certified Physician, global health advocate, author, speaker, and certified health and wellness coach about thriving...
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Thinking about physician leadership? 5 Ways to Prepare Yourself For the C-Suite

Episode #4

Are you often asked to lead? Maybe you’re charged with leading a small department or committee. Maybe you’re offered a formal role and title and not sure if you’re ready. This can happen at any time and you want to be...
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How To Be Intentional About Taking Time For Self-Care 

Episode #3

When you hear the word self-care, does it make you feel uncomfortable, like a word you have been avoiding, and know that you really need to pay attention to it?  Let's talk about, what self-care really is and what it...
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Battling Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Ericka Goodwin, Psychiatrist and Integrative Lifestyle Coach

Episode #2

Battling Imposter Syndrome as a Women Physician Leader I had the chance to speak with some amazing women physician leaders at our Rise Up & Lead Telesummit. I spoke with Dr. Ericka Goodwin, Harvard trained, double...
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