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Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa

I believe it's never too late to take

back the reigns and pull the balance

back into your life

 Let me show you how

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Self-Care Mindset: The 5 Tools A Woman Must Have To Start Making Time For Herself

My mission...

is to use my years of training as a physician and wellness specialist to help women find the balance between their career and their personal life.

If You Are Striving


  • To move past your fear of starting a new path
  • To develop clarity about what you really want
  • To speak with confidence and have others respect your wishes and needs
  • To have more time for yourself and family
  • To beat exhaustion and fatigue with a balanced approach to healthy lifestyle habits
  • To discover who you really are outside of your role as a mom and career woman


Then you've come to the right place!

Here's how we could work together

1 on 1 Coaching

These calls will help you transform your mindset so that you can overcome obstacles and uncover what's possible as you build a balanced life on your own terms.

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The Self-Care Course

Give back to yourself with this 6 week, easy to follow,  roadmap to self-care and self-discovery where I will walk you through the steps to transformation.

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VIP Day with Me

This high level 8 hour coaching session will help you to dig deep into your current work-life situation and uncover the obstacles standing in your way.

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You can take control of your current situation.
You have power over the choices you make. 
Let's work together so the next phase of your life can be rich with better relationships, time for self-care and meaningful work.
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We are committed to improving our lives, strengthening our relationships, and getting our health in order.

 A mom who takes back her life is someone who believes in her ability to take the necessary steps to have the life they want for themselves and their family; to have a life of health, joy and fulfillment.


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"Lisa helped me to develop a reasonable and effective wellness program. She helped me engage my strengths to develop several strategies that work for my schedule and lifestyle. Lisa's coaching style is honest, authentic and very sincere. She also listens well and acts upon her intuition which was instrumental in helping me achieve some breakthroughs and milestones. Lisa created a safe environment for me to work through several challenges. She has the professional acumen, heart and passion of a very effective coach."

Business Owner, Wife

"She was non-judgmental and available. I felt like the coaching sessions targeted the most important areas of my self-development and have been such a blessing in the life of my practice!"

Doctor, Business Owner, Mom, Wife

"Working with Lisa was refreshing. She is wonderful to work with and pushed me where I needed to be pushed. I was able to talk and be myself in our coaching sessions. She is knowledgeable and her follow up was thorough and amazing! I highly recommend working with her. She will help you in all facets of your life and business."

Business Owner, Mom, Wife

"Prior to working with Lisa, I was facing some challenges. I was finding my confidence shaken. Lisa was able to reflect back to me my fundamental assumptions which were shaping my responses, which allowed me to try a different approach. Foundationally, Lisa helped me recognize and shift a dynamic that stemmed from a childhood learned response, one that had affected my interactions with folks who had significant influence over my professional success and growth. In doing so she helped me gain and assert control over the anxiety response which was undermining my presence and efficacy as a leader."

Physician Executive, Mom,Wife


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Download the free checklist

Self-Care Mindset: The 5 Tools A Woman Must Have To Start Making Time For Herself


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