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I Love Reading ...

One Word That Will Change Your Life by John Gordon is one of my favorites.

Oftentimes, we concentrate on too many things at once--especially as physicians who have to juggle multiple responsibilities. I want to challenge you, as this book did me, to find one word (not a whole resolution) that you can use to carry you through the year.

The word I chose was


When I think of the word build, I think about making something stronger or more stable. It means putting the pieces of things together to construct a better version or to make something whole.

Meet Dr. Lisa

Executive Leadership Coach

Dr. Lisa is passionate about fostering the high-performing physician leaders of tomorrow who will bridge the gap between the community and healthcare to reclaim the human connection in medicine. By helping them BUILD the leadership skills they need to survive in this ever-changing, complex healthcare system, they can have the careers they love, climb the ladder in healthcare leadership, and achieve better work-life balance.

She brings her unique background and extensive experience of being a physician and a healthcare leader in hospital administration, public health, academic medicine, and the health insurance industry to offer coaching, training, and consulting to help physicians and healthcare providers transition into leaders and become the respected voice in healthcare.

Team and Community Builder

When I witnessed my grandfather die of a massive heart attack at the age of 5, I knew I wanted to become a physician and help people like my grandpa who didn't have access to healthcare. I decided to enter the field of Family Medicine because it's where my heart was; treating families and serving communities.

My 25-year journey allowed me to treat countless families as well as teach and build communities. It was also a time of self-discovery and feeling a push to impact the world in a different way.  After experiencing the breakdown of communication between physicians, patients, and healthcare organizations, I was driven to make a change and be a part of the solution.

That's why I created my company, to provide training and support for physicians and healthcare professionals. To grow leaders and help BUILD bridges and connect communities to improve healthcare for all.

Diversity in Leadership

Another passion of mine is BUILDING diverse leaders in healthcare. BIPOC and women remain underrepresented in leadership positions. This lack of representation leads to a decline in healthcare outcomes, structural challenges with hiring and retention, and work cultures that are not inclusive or supportive of the needs of underrepresented groups. I help organizations create a strategy for identifying opportunities to develop a culture of inclusion, begin to create equitable systems, and retain high-performing leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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