Physician Leadership is in Demand

Before you can begin to lead, you must learn the basic steps you need to transition. These 10 steps will help you have a clearer path to success.

10 Steps You Need to Successfully Transition Into a Leadership Role

This must-have guide will help you get started on your leadership journey today!

About Dr. Lisa

Herbert, Lisa Short Bio

Dr. Lisa Herbert is a board-certified family physician, professional speaker and executive leadership coach who brings over 25 years' experience of providing primary care and serving as a healthcare leader.

Dr. Herbert is the Founder and CEO of Just The Right Balance LLC, where she utilizes her unique background and extensive experience of being a physician and a healthcare leader in hospital administration, public health and the health insurance industry to offer coaching, consulting, workshops and training to help physician’s transition into effective leaders with the support of their organizations.

She is the best-selling author of two books Take Back Your Life: A Working Moms Guide to Work-Life Balance and Physicians Rise Up: A Guide for Transitioning Into Healthcare Leadership. She also hosts the podcast Women Physicians Lead.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Herbert earned her undergraduate degree from Stonybrook University, her Doctor of Medicine degree from Upstate Medical Center, completed her residency at Mountainside Hospital, NJ and completed her certification in Personal and Executive Coach from the CaPP Institute.

"I want to thank Dr. Lisa. Early on in my leadership journey we connected. I reached out and asked for help in making the decision to become chief of emergency medicine. She was critical to me making the decision to step into this role. Nervousness is expected in any big decision, but she certainly held my hand and helped me get through it. A little less than a year ago we were talking about this, and now here I am and thankful."

Chief of Emergency Medicine

"After working with Dr. Lisa, I was able to advocate for myself. I was able to communicate more effectively and lead with the why so there was no room for miscommunication. I met my goal of reaching top performer and still was able to advocate for the hours that worked for me. All in all, I believe the coaching reformed me."

Physician Leader

"Prior to working with Lisa, I was facing some challenges … and was finding my confidence shaken. This had a significant impact on my job satisfaction. Lisa helped me recognize and shift a dynamic that stemmed from a prior learned response, one that had affected my interactions with those who had significant influence over my professional success and growth. Lisa was able to reflect back to me my fundamental assumptions which were shaping my responses. In doing so, I tried a different approach, which elicited a different response and improved my presence and efficacy as a leader."

Physician Executive

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