Discover The Secret To Finding Your Voice

A Master Class that will show you how to Step Up, Stand Out and Lead With Confidence.

  • Are you struggling with finding your voice as a leader?
  • Do you hesitate speaking up to ask for what you need at work and at home?
  • Are you tired of feeling undervalued and overlooked?
  • Have you put your own values and needs aside because you feel the pressure to not challenge the status quo?
  • Are you tired of doing the same thing day in and day out and want to find the passion again in your work?

Course Material

This is a 5 week course with a bonus week of learning. Each week will help you build a strong foundation for starting on the path to finding your voice and creating a path to success. There are audio lessons, worksheet downloads and articles. 


Take advantage of the weekly group coaching sessions offered with this course. Dr. Lisa takes time to answer your questions in a live video format and guides you through the course to lead you to your transformation. 


Use Your Signature Strengths To Elevate Your Voice and Develop Your Personal Brand

You have unique signature strengths that describe who you are.
They are behaviors that come naturally and lead you to perform your best.
Discover your signature strengths and how they can help you build your personal brand.


VALUED AT $500.00

Course Curriculum

*Welcome to the Course               

*About Your Instructor

*Outline and Objectives   

*What are you currently believing about yourself and your ability to lead with your own voice?

*What would you have to let go of or change to find your true authentic voice?

*Who can help you?

*What are the different leadership styles and where do you fit in?

*What do you want your blend of work and life to look like?

You will learn what it means to find your voice and why it's an important step to advance as a leader.

*What does it mean to find your voice?

*Why is it important?

*What would it look like?


Learn the steps to finding your voice so you can spread your authentic message, create change and advance your career.

*Step 1

*Step 2

*Step 3

Putting the steps into action

After you find your voice and have the confidence to lead you need to know how to use it to avoid being overlooked and undervalued.

*How to use your voice in the workplace

*How to use your voice at home

*How to use your voice in your community

In this bonus section you will take an assessment to discover your signature strengths. We will discuss in your 1:1 coaching sessions how to use them for your personal brand

My Story

After 20+ years in the medical field, as a practicing physician and serving as a healthcare industry leader, I struggled balancing work and family, navigating the changing healthcare system and finding my passion while advancing my career. I found my voice and now I help other physician leaders do the same so they can create a clearer path to success.

That breakthrough has led clients to uncover their blind spots, negotiate better work environments, get clarity about their roles and expectations, find passion in their current jobs and balance their busy work life.

Success Stories

They Found Their Voice

  • A.G., who was Department Chair of her hospital, struggled with finding time for her family and making time for herself to exercise. She also felt the weight of feeling responsible for the wellness of the entire department. After our coaching sessions, she was able to prioritize what was important, ask for help and create boundaries to get that quality time she was looking for. She was also able to channel her passion into developing wellness meetings for her department. 
  • S.D who was CMIO struggled with self-confidence, communicating her strategy to leadership, conflict resolution. After working with me she was able to face challenges with administration and staff head on, try a different approach to communicate, control her anxiety response and emerge as an effective leader, negotiating a new position with increased salary. 

Stop & Take a Deep Breath

  • Think what your life would be like if you could wake up each morning and look forward to work
  • Think about what it would feel like to have renewed energy because your work aligns with your values
  • Think about how it would feel to be noticed and valued

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 6 weeks long with a new module released every week. You can go back and review any past modules any time. This course is built with the busy professional in mind. No sitting in front of the computer all day. We focus on delivering results in easy to follow steps digested over time.

You have lifetime access! After you enroll, you have access to the course for as long as you want.

The course includes:

Worksheets to keep you on track and accountable

Audio recordings of the lessons plans

Downloadable charts and graphics with examples and actions to implement

Reference resources that may include articles, books, apps and websites

I would not want you to be unhappy but if for some reason you are, feel free to contact me during the introductory period for a full refund. After the first module is released, a refund cannot be issued.

Find Your Voice and Change The Trajectory of Your Life

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