Here's My Story

Like so many other physicians, I struggled balancing work and family, navigating the changing healthcare system and finding my passion while advancing my career.

*Along with having a career as a physician, raising my kids and giving back to my community, I also thought it was my job to say yes to every single request.
*My to do list kept growing and growing and my time for self-care kept shrinking. I forgot to ask for help, forgot to check in with myself and forgot to hold others responsible for their own behaviors.
*Eventually, burnout set in and I realized that I needed to make a change. Trying to do it all was no longer feasible.  I found my voice and now I help other physicians do the same so they can create a clearer path to leadership success.


That breakthrough has led clients to uncover their blind spots, negotiate better work environments, get clarity about their roles and expectations, find passion in their current jobs and balance their busy work life.


Ready to Start Your Next Chapter?

If you are ready for a change, let's work together to remove the obstacles preventing you from having the career in leadership you want, quality time with family and the amazing life you desire.


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