Dr. Lisa

"The Balance Doctor"

Mother, wife, best selling author and certified personal and executive coach empowers working moms to: reclaim their time, recharge their health and restore their relationships. She believes these are the tools you need to achieve balance and develop a renewed passion for life. 

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Here's My Story

Like so many other women, I experienced the demands of balancing work and family.

*Along with having a career as a physician, raising my kids and giving back to my community, I also thought it was my job to say yes to every single request.


*My to do list kept growing and growing and my time for self-care kept shrinking. I forgot to ask for help, forgot to check in with myself and forgot to hold others responsible for their own behaviors.


*Eventually, burnout set in and I realized that I needed to make a change. Trying to do it all was no longer feasible. I needed to take back the reigns and regain balance.  I needed to rediscover my passions. I needed to find meaning in my work again. 


So I took back my life.

I Fought Back

with the 4 R's to Balance:

I Reclaimed what I lost-- my time

I Recharged my battery and became energized

I Renewed my commitment to myself

I Restored my relationship with family and friends

Ready to Start Your Next Chapter?

If you are ready for a change, let's work together to put balance back in your life so that you can restore your passion for work, have quality time with family and have the amazing life you desire.


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