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About Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa has helped her clients uncover their blind spots, negotiate better work environments, get clarity about their roles and expectations, find passion in their current jobs and balance their busy work life so they can have quality time with family and time for themselves. Her personal and professional journey brings a wealth of knowledge and real life experience to her coaching.

As a physician with over 20 years experience, she successfully transitioned to her executive coaching practice where she helps women physicians who are at a crossroad in their life find an opportunity to effectively lead and be successful at work and home. She supports them in prioritizing selfcare, finding their voice and staying true to their beliefs and values so that they can take charge of their health, relationships and careers. She is the author of Take Back Your Life: A Working Moms Guide To Work-Life Balance; a resource that provides an action plan for working moms to start living the life they want and deserve. 


This is a high-level, 8 hour, one-on-one coaching session where I will dig deep into your current work to life ratio and help you decide what you truly want to achieve in life. I will look at the areas of your life where you need the most guidance and help you develop an action plan to get started on redefining what being a working mom looks like for you.


This VIP Program is for you if:

-You're not where you want to be in your life and it's impacting your career, your happiness and your relationships

-You want tools and resources that you can apply right away to get you started on your journey to a leadership position. 

-You want a quick insight into what your strengths are 

-You want a one-on-one accountability partner to walk you through the steps necessary to get you career goals you are seeking

-You want a focused day to spend on you to reconnect with who you are 

-You want to have a strong foundation for potential follow up sessions when you need reinforcement


You have alot of life ahead of you. It's your time now!

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VIP Day with Dr. Lisa


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