This guide gives you the one resource that women physicians often overlook when looking to advance their careers;

A Sponsor

  • This free quick 5 minute read will give you the strategies you need to find a sponsor to help you advance into a leadership role.
  • Finally have the career you love, the revenue you desire and the respect you deserve as a physician leader.
  • Start your journey to leadership with the help you need.

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About Dr. Herbert

Dr. Lisa Herbert is a bestselling author, speaker, respected family physician and executive leadership coach. 
She is the Founder and CEO of Just The Right Balance LLC, where she helps physician’s transition into high performing leaders who will improve the healthcare landscape by building healthy communities and strong organizations.
Her unique background and extensive experience of being a physician and a healthcare leader in hospital administration, public health and the health insurance industry is used to offer coaching, consulting and training to help physician’s transition into effective leaders with the support of their organizations.

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