Our company offers leadership coaching, consulting,
workshops and training to help clients bring about
positive change and achieve optimal well-being as
they advance their career goals.


Hospitals and Medical Societies

Coaching for Physicians and Physician Leaders

Benefit of Coaching

Physicians today are part of a health care environment that is rapidly changing and the demands placed on physicians are at an all-time high. Most physicians are looking for answers and need help reconnecting with the decision of why they chose the practice of medicine. They are looking for work-life balance, career satisfaction, and improved doctor-patient relationships. The practice of coaching physicians is growing in acceptance as evidenced by many state medical societies, hospitals and medical schools adopting coaching or wellness programs for their physicians, residents and students.

Physician Burnout

Due to the increased administrative burden, longer work hours, and inability to adjust to the changing climate of health care, the number of physicians experiencing burnout has increased. Burnout can lead to fatigue, lower levels of productivity, detachment and premature career change. Coaching allows a physician to move from survival mode to a state of self-awareness which in turn helps them to create a new framework for thinking, prioritizing their lives and helping to create balance. Just The Right Balance provides coaching in an environment that is supportive, nonjudgmental and individualized.

Physician Leaders Creating Change

Our leadership program was developed:

  • To improve the work life balance of physicians and executives
  • To help build leadership, management and team building skills
  • To improve efficiency in patient care
  • To increase a physician’s capacity to manage their practice by addressing planning, organizing, developing short and long term goals and managing staff
  • To help physicians adapt new skills needed in a changing environment
  • To help physicians whose behavior may negatively impact his relationship with patients, peers, and staff

Program Details

  • On site assessment and evaluation
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Assessment with Feedback
  • 6 month coaching program with selected physician leaders
  • One on One biweekly virtual coaching sessions
  • 2 Face to Face sessions
  • Worksheets and audio sessions to accompany the coaching programs
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You can have the benefit of training and seminars delivered via webinars. 

Onsite Seminars

Want an on site experience? We can come to you and deliver a variety of topics. 

Physician Intervention

We can provide a consultation and an action plan to help with physicians who are having a hard time adjusting or exhibiting disruptive behavior.


Coaching for Women Professionals


The Case for Coaching Women Professionals

Although women make up more than 47% of the workforce and hold 52% of all professional-level jobs, (Bureau of Labor and Statistics), a Harvard Business Review study found that 43% of highly qualified women voluntarily leave the workforce after having children. 46% of HR professionals in another study said that employee burnout was responsible for 20-50% of annual workforce turnover. Improving retention of women professionals is crucial to keep high performing, motivated, productive employees who in turn support organizational goals.


Benefits of Coaching

Corporate Coaching for women impacts organizations by providing the following results:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Increased staff commitment and loyalty
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Prevent executive derailment
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Developing leaders who think and plan more strategically, manage risk more effectively, and are able to create and communicate the vision and mission


Coaching as a Solution For Retaining Women in the Workplace

The solution to burnout and turnover is for
employers to support work-life balance and provide
an environment that’s healthy and flexible; this will
allow their employees to perform at a high level and
be present for others. Professionals who have a
collaborative, supportive work environment are
happy at home and in their personal lives. In turn
they will be more productive and motivated at work
and less likely to prematurely leave their jobs.


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