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Hey there! I'm Lindsay

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My name is Dr. Lisa. I teach high performing women physicians how to prioritize self-care and level up their career. 

Meet Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Herbert, Board Certified Family Physician, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Certified Executive Coach brings over 20 years’ experience in her field. After a successful career practicing medicine, she utilized her experience as a health care provider, teacher, and administrator and established Just The Right Balance, LLC.

She empowers women physicians to find their voice so they can have clarity about their goals, balance work and family, and advance as leaders in the healthcare industry. Dr. Lisa believes that when a woman finds her voice, she creates positive change in her own life and community.

Her company offers executive leadership coaching, consulting, workshops, and courses to help women physicians balance their work-life and confidently transition into leadership roles so that they can be the respected voice in healthcare.

Her corporate clients include the American Association of Physician Leadership, Christus Hospital, White Plains Hospital, Piedmont Atlanta, Christiana Care, and the University of Maryland.

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