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3 Skills You Need To Have As A Leader During Change

Sep 11, 2019

In today’s world, as we are going through changing and possibly challenging times, I believe there are three skills that you as a physician leader need to have. We all know that across all industries, especially healthcare industries are dealing with rapid change—structural change within their organizations, personnel change within the workforce, and strategical change within leadership. And with change comes the ability and the skillset to be able to successfully adjust to that change and help others with the transition alongside you.

The Art of Listening

The first skill that all leaders should have, and should master, is the art of listening. When we think about listening as a skill, we tend to oversimplify it and think of it as something we do every day and that should be expected of someone in a leadership position. But, in truth, there is an art and a skill to effective listening—listening to encourage growth within your team, listening to drive the...

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