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Delegating as a Physician Leader: 4 Tips To Setting Your Team Up For Success

Oct 17, 2020

Hi Physician Leaders,

I'm Dr. Lisa Herbert, Board Certified Family Physician, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Executive Leadership Coach. I help physicians transition into leadership roles so they can be the respected voice in healthcare. 

Last blog we talked about the importance of delegation as a leader. Just to recap, leaders must delegate effectively. The most successful leaders treat delegation as an essential strand of their leadership approach. Areas of work, activities, routine, and event-specific decisions, are analyzed, evaluated, and where appropriate the decision is made to delegate responsibility and authority. Delegated powers are explained, discussed, and agreed upon, and measurable objectives set.

The next step is for the leader to build on this by adopting a consultative, supporting, coaching role, as appropriate for each of the individuals delegated as a way to create a clear path to success.

Here are 4 tips for setting your team up for success:

  1. Remove or...
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Why Friendships are Valuable to Women in Leadership

Jan 22, 2019

“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.”- Philip Green

As a woman, nurturing your friendships can get lost in the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Pursuing or being in a leadership position comes with increased responsibilities and long work hours. Couple this with raising a family and trying to squeeze in some me-time, it can result in putting your friendships on the back burner.  The journey of graduating from college and then moving on to graduate school can change the way you live your life. You may have moved to a different, unfamiliar location which makes it difficult to sustain the close relationships that you once had with your friends. It also brings on the new challenge of trying to get to know new people and establish new friendships.

As a woman advances in her career, it’s important to maintain those friendships she had in her younger years. Your life will begin to take on new...

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